Liam's New Coat

Fall 2010 004
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Such a satisfying knit, Zoe Mellor's Duffle Coat from her book Double Knits practially made itself up. Easy to memorize, very little shaping, and such a timeless design! Can't say enough about it. I did read some comments about the hood being shallow, so I went off on my own for that part of the coat, but otherwise I followed the pattern. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon of Liam wearing it... or I could use my own little model - though my wee Mango is almost three (SHOCK!), one-year-old Liam is close to the same size in clothes. Very healthy, and so stinking cute! And ultimately knitworthy: the sweater I knit for his baby shower was worn all winter long last year, and I've no doubt this one will get the same treatment. There's no better compliment, I think.


Dani said...

That's gorgeous! I love the red buttons.

Batty said...

Very nice-looking coat, love the bright red buttons. They're a nice touch.