Camilla Babe

Baby Camilla FO
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I love this sweater - the pattern is Camilla Babe by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I also love that I knit the baby version for the new mom-to-be across the street before laying into the adult version for me, because the garter makes too bulky a fabric for my frame. So I'll content myself with knitting one for every little girl baby I come across, and that's something wonderful coming from a person who rarely knits a pattern twice!
The yarn is Berroco Vintage, a machine-washable, super soft worsted weight that is beautiful to knit with. No pattern for the hat, just cast on and made it up as I went along. I love the square top hats for infants - the corners look like little cat ears!


Sarah G said...

So cute! I like this sweater because it is so unique - the bold design down the center is eye-catching. What a stylish little girl she will be!

Siga said...

This is super cute.

Batty said...

So cute! I love the unusual shape in the back.

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