Free Pattern: Dionysus Socks!

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At long last, I give you my first sock design, Dionysus, which I began to create during a class I took with Cookie A about a year ago. They've been kicking around ever since, and when I read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books by Rick Riordan everything came together... the vines, the leaves, the fall colors... these are socks fit for the god of wine!

Available for free on Ravelry.


KarenK said...

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern. It's in my queue, and I have some bugga that has been looking for a pattern like this.

chemgrrl said...

They are beautimous!

Affiknitty said...

I just finished knitting these for a friend, and wanted to say thanks for sharing an awesome pattern!
Shannon (AndaraKnits on Ravelry)