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Provisional cast on
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Watch me pull a provisional cast on out of my hat! Seriously, this is a very cool technique, called for in the Better Bucket Hat pattern by Indigirl. I love the shape of this hat, and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I also needed a project that required less attention than the Anemoi Mittens I've been working on. Talk about intense! Anyway, I had this great Tess Designer Yarns Cultivated Silk and Wool yarn (Ravelry link) in a delicious copper and black colorway just begging to be knit up. It's been crying out to me for about three years now, so its time has come. It didn't knit up to the same gauge as the yarn called for in the pattern, so I had to do a little math *GASP* to adjust the pattern to fit. I think the hours spent playing Brain Age on my Nintendo DS during the last months of my pregnancy (you know, the months when I couldn't KNIT) really paid off, because I also won a blog contest over at SoapyKnitter by dusting off the math skills! More about that when my prize arrives. Where was I? Oh yes. Bucket Hat. So after I calculated for gauge differences, I got ready to cast on, and the pattern directed me to Eunny's tutorial on casting on provisionally. Her instructions have you cast on to a waste yarn, but Indigirl suggests casting on to a second circular needle. This is pure genius, because what we're doing here is knitting a hem. The purl row you see in the picture is the turning row, where I'll fold the hem up under the working needles and will simply knit the cast on row together with the active stitches to attach the hem to the underside of the brim. Et voila! An invisible hem with no sewing! Like I said, seriously cool - you should really check out Eunny's tutorial for a better explanation. Mine pales in comparison to her technical description.

Speaking of new techniques, I was surprised, delighted, and secretly relieved to see that RangerSarah has nominated me for the 'You Make My Day' award. I've been seeing this award flying about the knitblog community for at least a week and, frankly, I was feeling a bit left out. I know, boo hoo, right? Well, apparently RangerSarah is feeling inspired by my ongoing quest to learn more knitting tecniques and is taking on some colorwork herself. This made her day. And now she's made MY day! So I return the compliment to her, along with these other fine bloggers who regularly brighten my day:

Frog in Knots
Flint Knits
Radical Femiknits
Schrodinger Knits
Sunshine Creations
Yarn Mama

Canela & Comino
Homesick Texan
Kalyn's Kitchen
Mac and Cheese

Ok, so I picked more than ten... I could have chosen even more! I will admit that since BabyMango arrived, I've done more lurking than anything else, but keeping up with these blogs has kept me anchored to the outside world and inspired me to be more creative in my knitting as well as in my kitchen! That really makes my day! Hopefully I'll find time today to notify them of my nomination, but if not perhaps they'll track back and find it themselves. If so, congratulations! You're now tasked with nominating 10 bloggers who make YOUR day!


femiknitter said...

You're so right--the provisional cast-on is a thing of beauty.

Thanks SO much for nominating me for the award! It's awfully sweet of you. :)

Sarah G said...

I just saw this hat on ravelry a couple of days ago - I'm really into hats right now and am definately adding this one to my list. I can't wait to see how your's turns out. It sort of sucks that I don't have much of a yarn stash - I can't just make something on a whim! And no yarn stores here :(

schrodinger said...

Provisional cast on has so many uses - I love it!

Thanks so much for the award - you're too kind! I love reading your blog too :)

Gretchen Noelle said...

Wow! Thanks! Glad to know that you enjoy reading C&C!

JulieFrick said...

Aw. You and your little fella make my day, too!